The buddleia is dying back now outside the bedroom window with just a few tiny purple coloured heads left amongst the drooping black, finger-like remnants of its flowers   The bush, which peeps over the garden wall between us and our neighbour, was truly beautiful in the summer with great foaming purple heads of star like flowers and covered in butterflies.

The Great Tits are still tumbling about inside the copper tree.     They hang from its leaves and feed on whatever insects they can find.     The whole tree is alive with them.   They hop about inside the tree canopy and then explode out of it like little yellow bullets.    They seem to go everywhere in pairs and in a great rush.

Our neighbour’s vine is also creeping over the wall and into the copper tree’s canopy.   It is a very vibrant lime green and I like the contrast.

I like the copper tree.   Everything else around it is still very green, although, of course, autumn is definitely here now and the leaves are turning.   The weather is much cooler and there has been a lot of rain.    The conkers are falling.    They are being blown off the chestnut trees round about by the high winds we have been experiencing and they are red and ripe now.    I collected a couple of the very glossy ones I found this morning on my walk with Daisy.

We made our usual stop at the beech tree and we sat on the great elephant coloured surface root which is our usual seat.   I love sitting there and watching the cattle, the trees and birds and just taking in the peace of the place really.  I see very few, if any, other people when we are out for our walks.  Mostly, we go unnoticed and that’s how I like it.

The tree is the oldest and largest tree in a small stand of trees.    As they are all, with very few exceptions, beech trees this tree must be the mother of all the other much younger trees round about.     She is very tall and, by her girth, about two hundred years old, or possibly more.  

Everyday Daisy and I stop, whatever the weather, and sit.   I close my eyes and let the rustle of the leaves absorb me and the winds chill me.   It’s very precious time.   I love sitting under the tree in the rain.   Its leaf canopy is so dense that very few rain drops get through.    Daisy doesn’t seem to mind.    She sits next to me and sniffs the air for any signs of rabbit or squirrel.   Mostly she accommodates me and waits until I have had my five minutes communion but occasionally, as today, with the wind under her tail she needs to be moving so we left after a little while and walked on.     I will have to go alone sometime I think and just sit for a while.

As we were coming back through one of the meadows I noticed the swallows again.   They have been there for a week or so now.     They are feeding up I think before they move off to their winter home overseas.  They were skimming very close to the grass to pick up insects and the like I suppose.     I remember in the Happy Prince, Oscar Wilde said that they migrated every year to Egypt.   They are such tiny birds to go such a long way.    I watched them flying about for a little while and even in today’s high winds, they moved with consummate ease with their little blue bodies, creamy underbellies and elegant forked tails.  

Daisy and I moved on towards home and as we were making our way along the path that skirts behind an adjoining village, Daisy got stung for the second time in a week by a wasp!     As it seemed to be bothering her much more this time than it did last time I took her straight home, bathed her hind leg and put some lavender oil on it.   Lavender is very good for taking the heat out of stings and burns.    It seemed to work and she settled down on the sofa for a bit of a snooze.   When she woke up she seemed fine and I made tea and we shared some chocolate biscuits together as a bit of a treat.   She is lying on the floor by my seat as I write this.    There is a little sun coming through the study window, quite weak and indifferent but Daisy is making the most of it.   My husband says I spoil her and, you know, I probably do but I would never admit it!