Visiting Green Woodpecker
Long Tailed Tit

Snow day

SnowdropsThe wrap around squirrel

It has been such a long time and many weeks have passed since I last turned my attention to this journal.    I have been unable to find the time to sit and think and record what I have seen.    Since my last post there has been snow and snowdrops.   The weather has been ice cold and unseasonably warm.   There has been sunshine and snow storm.   There have been some beautiful sunsets.   It has been a period of contradictions.    

It was lovely to see the snow.  I felt as though I was experiencing winter for the first time in ages.   It was heavy enough to cause some chaos although not enough to stop everyone from going about their business, atleast such was the case here in Wiltshire.   

The snowdrops came as a lovely surprise.   I walked out with Daisy and suddenly I was confronted with a sea of these beautiful and indomitable little flowers, their bell like heads ringing through the woodland.

The squirrels came and commandered the peanut feeder much to the annoyance of the small birds who seem to prefer the peanuts to the bird seed.    Squirrels have two methods of approach, some will climb on to the feeder completely and wrap themselves greedily around it.   Others will hang by their back legs from the feeder handle and dangle upside down in order to get at the food.     They are great acrobats.

I have seen birds in the garden I have never seen before.    I have had a visit from some long tailed tits which are the most beautifully marked little birds and also a beautiful green woodpecker, although my photograph of this lovely bird isnt the best I have ever taken.      Apparently they like lawns and will happily feed on any ants they find.   I have also seen lesser spotted woodpeckers and heard their incessant tapping in the wood when I take Daisy for her walk.   
I do love living here and enjoy the freedom to wander around and watch what my environment has to offer.    Spring is very definitely on its way and I look forward to further revelations.