The weather goes from bad to worse and although we have not had snow Daisy and I braved the rain to take our walk this morning.  We wandered along one of the back lanes of the village we have lived in now since December 2012. 

As I stood looking out over the vast expanse of fields that make up the Marlborough Downs, out of the corner of my eye I caught a sudden movement.  It was a hare running here and there almost imperceptible against the soft brown background of the field.  

I stood and watched it running across the field and thought back to the time, many years ago now, when I was a child living in a third floor flat overlooking an ancient stretch of woodland.  From the window of the flat I remember watching hares boxing it was a thrilling experience for a wide-eyed five year old.  Sadly, it was the first and only time I have ever seen this happen.  Since that day though, I have always thought of hares as special and rather magical creatures.  It is such a secretive and illusive animal.   And sure enough this morning, the hare was there and then gone, its colouring providing perfect camouflage.

I have been spurred on recently by a couple of hare sightings to re-read a brilliant book by Wendy Andrew, an artist living in Warminster, who not only beautifully illustrated the book but also conjured up the wonderful tale.   It is called Luna Moon Hare.   It is a delightful story of the wheel of the year experienced through the eyes and actions of Luna Moon Hare.  Those of you who are interested in pagan matters may already know Wendy from the Goddess Conference and Witchfest but if you are unaware of her work please go to her website, for not only the book but also amazing original paintings, prints, cards and wall hangings  Well worth a visit.