I like walking. My dogs, Daisy and Wilf, also appreciate a good ramble. I am lucky enough to live in rural Wiltshire in the middle of a World Heritage Site. It is a place crossed with old ways, barrows, earthworks, henges and circles.

Daisy, Wilf and I often go up to the Ridgeway, a long and ancient pathway near our home. There is a lot to see and appreciate from such a high vantage point. I can look down on to the great avenue of stones which runs from East Kennet into Avebury to joint with its stone circle. Looking out across the landscape I can see the Long Barrow at West Kennet and just the tip of Silbury Hill. I walk here often. Even with two hyperactive dogs it is usually a serenely calm and peaceful place.

It is also a fine place to observe the changing wheel of the seasons. I have watched the surrounding farm land morph from the rich brown of freshly ploughed earth; to yellow and red, from the bloom of a poor oil seed rape crop and its ensuing and unwelcome, for the farmers at least, invasion of field poppies, although they did look very lovely; to the green of the rippling wheat fields and the ripened gold of the harvest. Now the fields are full of tall towers of hay and others of round baled hay for silage. It is also a great place to blow away the cobwebs on a windy day.

I rarely walk my dogs through my local village mainly because Wilf has a bit of an attitude problem when it comes to meeting other dogs and tends to make a very loud fuss. Far easier for me to drag them both away from the leafy lanes of my village and off up to the anonymity and solitude of the Ridgeway. Here Wilf can be psycho dog if he wants and no-one amongst those rare travellers I come across seems to mind. Daisy, I have to say, has impeccable manners and an endearing nature so even if she barks her head off most people just declare her to be very sweet which, of course, she is. Walkers are very laid back people on the whole and a good judge of doggy character.

If you have ever thought of visiting Avebury and its surrounding archaeological wonders don’t hesitate. There is a excellent pub in the middle of the village and within the stone circle actually, which serves good food and the Henge Shop is packed with lots of interesting stuff.

Long Barrow West Kennet

Long Barrow West Kennet

The Long Barrow at West Kennet is also grand if you can get there on a quiet day. It extremely peaceful and its fantastic to be able to get inside and see how skilfully it was constructed by people for whom the advent of the JCB couldn’t even begin to be imagined.