I had to go for a bone scan recently.   As a preliminary I had to be weighed, much more than I should be but not as much as I thought, and I had my height measured.   Horror!  According to the nurse in attendance, and I made her do it twice,  I have shrunk by one and a half inches in height which MOH thinks is a hoot.  I am a bit peeved as 5’4 1/2 ” hardly made me Amazonian but 5’3″!   I am now officially shorter than my mother.   MOH has started calling me Mrs Pepperpot.     I am not amused!  I am blaming it all, rather irrationally, on friction caused by being towed all over Wiltshire by two mad and wilful dogs!  Wherever we go I am the one on the end of two long leashes, seemingly in control, being dragged here, there and everywhere.  It has obviously taken its toll. What a life!

Bright blessings