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Daisy is a delicate girl, small, nimble, quick and really very seductive when she wishes to be.  Wilf is a handsome hound with issues. He is a big swagger on legs, a hound’s hound who should not to be toyed with.  Despite this he is putty in Daisy’s paws.  She toys with him mercilessly, pilfering his place in front of the fire, or turning her sunlit amber eyes upon him as she calmly steals his place on my lap.  She is a naughty trickster and sadly he can be rather dim.  She is dexterous with all the sinuous agility of an elite gymnast. He is portly and has trouble raising his back leg sufficiently high enough to scratch his ear!  She is Twiggy to his Meatloaf. Nevertheless, it appears to be a match made in heaven.  They are the Brad and Angelina of the canine world.   It hasn’t been easy though.  We had to think very hard when we first decided to take Wilf on.  He is, like Daisy, a rescue dog and like many rescues the kennel he came from could tell us very little about him.  He came to us as a foster for two weeks initially and simply never went back.  However, he definitely came with baggage which, a year on, still runs very deep.  Raise a finger and he will flinch.  He jumps at the slightest thing, big all four paws of the ground jumps, which is the most athletic he ever gets except when savaging rice cakes! He is constantly hungry and will hoard food in his bedding.  He is relentlessly insecure and is my constant shadow.  Wherever I go there is the tell-tale ‘tick, tick, tick’ of his paws behind me.  I have fallen over him more than once.  Sometimes this is wearing but I only need take one look at his desperate, scruffy, whiskery face to know that all he wants is love and affection, a tummy rub, some food, the odd treat, a comfortable bed and Daisy.  Not necessarily in that order but he will grasp them as he can.  I love them both absolutely.  Daisy has accepted him without complaint.  She was Queen Bee, a solo doggy diva, for four years and could have made his life miserable.  Or, alternatively, she could have made our lives miserable but she chose not to.  She keeps him in check with a cuff around the ear if he gets too boisterous and makes sure that she is first in line for any cuddles being handed out by MOH.  Then she can be annoyingly smug as MOH does not dole out cuddles on demand.  They are mighty and delivered without warning and Wilf was a little taken aback when first he was swept up off the ground into MOH’s bear like grip, but then so was I and I have been Mrs MOH for seven years now!

On a practical level  two dogs are twice everything, walks, expense, food costs, vet’s bills, insurance.  However and infinitely more importantly, they are also twice the fun and twice the love to the power of a zillion!  When they are both curled up at the bottom of the bed, MOH please do not read this I know you don’t approve, they are also twice the expert duvet snafflers but only Wilf snores!






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