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I know it’s a few days now since Halloween, Samhain or All Hallows Eve, whatever you like to call it, but I felt I had to share my abiding memory of my Samhain with you.

On Halloween some of the kids in our village indulged in a bit of trick or treating. I love Halloween and usually go to town, although MOH doesn’t really approve, and put Alf and Ralph my large orange ceramic pumpkin tea lights to work in the window. I know it’s traditional but I really can’t be asked to abuse a real pumpkin, although it’s a siren call that the witch is waiting for a knock on the door and delicious sweeties are desperate and willing to be acquired. However, this year I decided not to bother with a public display so, although I could hear various groups of small zombies, witches, wizards and goblins coming and going, they didn’t call at our house. My neighbours, however, seemed to be celebrating big time and waves of people were calling on them standing out in the street whilst sweets were lavishly dispensed. MOH came home, obviously during a lull in the proceedings, and, as he does every night, stripped off his dirty, greasy work uniform in the kitchen where it was consigned straight to the washing machine. He then usually hot foots it upstairs to have a bath. That night, however, and despite my warnings of imminently arriving walking dead, he spied an empty cardboard box lying around on the kitchen floor and decided he simply had to take it outside, there and then, dressed only in his undercrackers and stash it in the recycling bin. He opened the front door on to our usually dark and deserted street, only to find himself confronted by a slightly startled coven of small witches, serious counselling will be required, and their equally startled mothers! Fortunately they all found it highly amusing. After all, it was, I’m sure, the scariest thing they’d seen all Halloween! Needless to say, MOH, covered in confusion and, fortunately, said plaid undercrackers, managed to retreat at a speed that frankly would have impressed the Gurkhas, accompanied by peels of girlie laughter! You really couldn’t make it up!! I have no idea what goes on in his head at all it is a complete and utter mystery to me! I would add, in his defence, that this is not something he is given to doing on a regular basis!! I think it was just the by-product of a momentary long tiring day/very late home induced brain fart!!

Wilf, Daisy and me have been hole up in front of the fire as I have been feeling the cold over the last day or so. The damp has got to my bones so we have been lounging in front of a bulging wood burner drinking hot chocolate, dairy free and lite, of course! Other than that there is little to report on my life in deepest, darkest Wiltshire. I am still waiting for MOH to change a tyre for me. He always has seems to have some excuse or other, its raining, he’s watching the rugby, he has a pimple on his bottom, this last very nearly visible to all and sundry in our village Samhain night!!! He’s indulging in a bit of cod psychology really. I think he thinks that if I can’t get into town I can’t spend any money but, of course, foolish boy, he has forgotten the internet and the power of the debit card! Ta Dah!!




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