Hi, my name is Debs.   I live in a very small village in rural Wiltshire having moved here a couple of months ago now from a slight larger fishing village in Cornwall.  

Apart from the wonderful people my husband and I got to know there the thing I thought I would miss was the sea but as I spent most of my waking time working in Plymouth, I rarely got to utilise it.   I miss the sound of it more than anything I think as on warm evenings, sleeping with the windows open, you could hear it slurping through the slightly gravelly sand, a wonderful sound!  

Now I live with the sound of cows doing what they do but as I am not working I have more time to explore the place I live in.    It is very beautiful here and, when the army allows, very quiet!  

My village is on the edge of Salisbury Plain so I also live with the sound of gun fire and chinooks rushing over head.     It is strange how quickly you can push sounds like that to the back of your mind though.  You really do cease to  hear them after a while.    The first time the guns went off it was like reliving the first day of the Somme!  

It is also an excellent place for someone like me, an eclectic witch to live.   Everything I need for my craft can be found in the hedgerows, elderberries, hawthorn berries, sloes, rosehips, everything I could possibly want is at arms length.   

I am also a very keen gardener and have a sad looking vegetable patch which I inherited from the previous tenants.   My husband and I hope to make this thrive and this will help us to live more sustainably and seasonally than we have in the past.     

I am also a qualified aromatherapist.     

My desire to blog is really about wanting to share my thoughts and feelings about how lucky I am to live where I live and what I see and observe around me on a daily basis and how that connects with my pagan spiritual identity.   I dont want it to be heavy just a lighthearted window on my life.   I hope you will enjoy reading it.